Gourmet to be Reborn as a Bunch of Web 2.0 Buzzwords


  • Screencap: live.gourmet.com
Publisher Condé Nast announced today that Gourmet will be relaunched this fall as Gourmet Live, a website and tablet-computer app. This isn't surprising. Though the iconic magazine was shuttered late last year, its brand recognition is too high to lie entirely dormant.

What, exactly, is Gourmet Live? Well, a website is already up and running, with some basic information about the product. And by basic information, we mean Web 2.0 buzzwords.

According to an official announcement posted on the website, Gourmet Live "brings together branded high-quality content, social and location-based technology, as well as monetization structures new to Condé Nast, like virtual currency, that are typical in digital economies like gaming."

Got that? In one beautifully crafted sentence, Condé Nast manages to reference social media (Facebook, Twitter), location-based technology (Foursquare) and virtual currency (Farmville).

Oh, there's also "curated content," which probably means access (how much isn't clear) to the Gourmet magazine archives.

Want to see what it looks like in practice (and can withstand more buzzwords)? A video is available after the jump.