Guess Where I'm Eating This Ice-Cream Sandwich and Win *TWO* Books


  • Ian Froeb
All right, since apparently I've spoiled you with the possibility of a prize, we're going to try this picture from last month again, this time with a carrot dangled in front of your faces.

And what a carrot it is! Inspired by today's post on escolar's evacuating properties, you will win copies of Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop by Daniel Cole Young and Did Somebody Step on a Duck?: A Natural History of the Fart by Jim Dawson.

Leave a valid email address in the email field when you leave a comment (don't worry -- it isn't published!). RFT employees and freelancers and employees of the correct answer are not eligible.

This contest is now closed. The answer is the St. Louis Zoo.