The Morning Brew: 6.4



With the backlash against questionable health claims in food advertising, Kellogg's has opted to restrict advertising in light of two FTC investigations for false health claims in less than a year. The New York Times reports that a claim to improve child immune function on Rice Krispies packaging led to the most recent investigation.

A pack of Washington, D.C. chefs embark on improving school lunch nutrition on behalf of Michelle Obama. The Washington Post chronicles the group from their first meeting in January, to their recent experiences with school lunches, to today's national launch of Chefs Move to Schools. One thousand chefs will make over school lunch programs, as the D.C. chefs have done since January.

PBS Newshour recently spent five days in a Mississippi food desert. They found McDonald's without salads, soul food buffets, Morgan Freeman's pricey restaurant, plenty of lost jobs, and a lot of other factors that have led to Mississippi have more obese people than any other state.