World's Largest Ketchup Bottle Joined by World's Largest Horseradish Jar, Threatening Cocktail Sauce Disaster



Cruise down the stretch of Illinois 157 near the west end of Collinsville and you'll find yourself in the middle of horseradish country. Fields and fields of it, making up the horseradish capital of the world.

It's the east end of Collinsville, on Illinois 159, where ketchup is king and the world's largest ketchup bottle (or, as they insist upon spelling it, catsup bottle) overlooks the town.

But the west end's finally getting in on the giant-condiment business. Just last week Gut Check spotted a one-story inflatable horseradish-sauce jar, dwarfing the Keller Farms office building...


No word on whether Collinsville has an emergency plan in the event that the bottles spill, causing a massive flood of cocktail sauce down Main Street.