The Morning Brew: 6.1



The salt companies are fighting back. Even Alton Brown has paired with food giant Cargill to encourage the use of salt while other companies cut back. In case you missed it during the long weekend, The New York Times exposed what's happening behind the scenes as food processors brace for the hit of the low-sodium movement, and how reducing sodium affects processed food favorites.

With water shortages and shrinking farmland, China turns to potatoes as a new food source. The Washington Post reports a 34% increase in potato production in China between 1996 and 2006. "'Potatoes have so much potential here,' said Xie Kaiyun, a leading potato scientist at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a government think tank. 'Rice, wheat, corn -- we've gone about as far as we can go with them. But not the potato.'"

Subway finally figures out geometry. The Consumerist reports that after three years of protests, Subway will finally start tessellating the cheese triangles on their sandwiches. While the sandwich chain hasn't released official word of the change, a newsletter given to Subway employees in Australia and New Zealand says the change will be effective July 1.