The Morning Brew: 5.24



Got alfalfa sprouts? Pitch 'em. The Associate Press reports that because 22 people in 10 states - including Missouri and Illinois - have developed salmonella, there's a nationwide recall. "The company [Caldwell Fresh Foods] said the recalled alfalfa sprouts were sold in plastic cups and plastic bags under the Caldwell Fresh Foods brand, plastic cups under the Nature's Choice brand and plastic containers under the California Fresh Exotics brand."

This weekend The New York Times talked to Louisiana oyster farmers affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. "A fisherman named Donny Campo tried to hide his anger with wisecracks, but it didn't work. 'They put us out of work, and now we're cleaning up their mess,' he said."

The UPI headline says it all: Sausage machine inhales worker. A cleaning person at the DiLuigi Sausage Company in Danvers, Massachusetts, got sucked into a big machine that adds marinade to the meat. The victim was somehow unharmed. No word on how well-marinated he was.