Beware the Insidious Asphalt-Destroying Asparagus


Asparagus, lookin' all tasty. Don't be fooled. - IMAGE VIA
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  • Asparagus, lookin' all tasty. Don't be fooled.
Gut Check warned you yesterday that vegetables weren't as benign as you've been led to believe. Already, via Gawker, we have another example.

To the right, you see a picture of regular, everyday asparagus. You know, arrives every spring, tastes great, makes your pee stink.

What could possibly go wrong, except maybe your septic system failing the same day you eat a particularly strong bunch?

Ask the people of Bibai, a small town in Japan where asparagus stalks are busting through asphalt three centimeters thick. You have to see the pictures to believe it.

And when the super asparagus busts through your driveway, don't say you didn't know it was coming.