The Morning Brew: 5.13



Got a food allergy? Maybe not. The New York Times reports that a lot of food allergies are misdiagnosed. In a new paper by Dr. Marc Riedl, an allergist and immunologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, he suggests that food allergies likely occur in 8 percent of children and less than 5 percent of adults, as opposed to the over 30 percent of the general population who think they have allergies.

Baltimore gets serious about unhealthy eating and introduces a food czar. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Food Policy Director Holly Freishtat's duties include rezoning to allow more urban farming, increasing food stamp usage at farmers markets, and finding ways to bring fresh food to food deserts without building new grocery stores.

Stephanie Smith, the young woman paralyzed by an e.coli-tainted hamburger who was featured in a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece in The New York Times, has settled her lawsuit with beef producer Cargill. The Associated Press reports on Smith's continuing recovery.