#82: Gold Coast Chocolate Ice Cream at Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream



  • Ian Froeb
St. Louis is a frozen custard town, of course, and many of the area's ice-cream parlors are national chains. In other words, merely by existing, Serendipity stands out. This, though, is no mere participation ribbon. Serendipity's ice cream is a delicious, decadent treat.
My ice-cream tastes tend toward the conservative: I like pure, strong flavors -- preferably a single flavor, two max. Serendipity's Gold Coast Chocolate is right in my wheelhouse: dark, dark chocolate, sweet but not too sweet, lightly bitter on the finish. (It goes without saying that it lacks the strange chemical aftertaste of mass-produced conventional "chocolate" ice cream.) The body is extraordinarily rich -- so much so that, contrary to my usual gorging ways, even the regular-size scoop pictured here is more than enough for me.

Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream
8130 Big Bend Boulevard, Webster Groves
$2.74 (regular size)

I'm counting down -- in no particular order -- 100 of my favorite dishes in St. Louis. Some are well-known, others obscure. Some are expensive, others dirt cheap. All of them, I guarantee, are delicious. Please do not hesitate to share your own favorites via the comments thread.


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