Leslie Buck Remembered with Knock-Offs of His Iconic Coffee Cup Design



His designs might not be familiar in the Midwest, but paper-company executive Leslie Buck's work has been a part of New York City coffee life for almost 50 years. Buck designed the Anthora, the small blue disposable coffee cups that proclaimed, "We are happy to serve you" in gold Greek-style script surrounded by Greek vases.

Leslie Buck died last week at the age of 87. He is survived by his design, which continues to reside in pop culture with a variety of knockoffs...


Ceramic Coffee Cups If it's good in paper, it's even better in ceramic. It beats paper for permanence and is less likely to wind up, draped and wilted, over sewer grates.


Trash Cans Inspired by the smashed paper cups littering the streets of Gotham, this bin's a better spot for empty cups. Or skip the trash, fill 'er up with joe and call it a Mega-Venti.


Coin Purse Room enough for your coffee money and a tip, circa 1967.


Hand-Made Felt Java Jacket Knitting Pattern Buck, who had no training in graphic design, espoused the can-do spirit of the DIY movement -- he created something iconic and because he didn't own the copyright, never saw a dime in royalties. Stick it to the man who stuck it to Buck by crafting your own version instead of buying theirs.


LP cover Looking for a friendly design for your next album cover? You can use the Anthora, but Fish & Roses beat you to it with their 1989 album, "We are Happy to Serve You."


Tattoo Of course someone has this tattoo. Of course.