The Morning Brew: 4.28



Kiss the toys goodbye, kiddos. The Mercury News reports that the Santa Clara, California, supervisors have voted to ban toys in childrens meals. But are the toys and the meals that host them as bad for kids as video games?

It's the old guard versus new media. ABC goes in-depth in the battle between the venerable Cook's Illustrated and online cooking community Food52. Last fall Cook's Illustrated publisher Christopher Kimball bet his bow tie (actually, cash money) that recipes are better when created by professionals in a test kitchen. Food 52 founders Merrill Stubbs and Amanda Hesser think a community of cooks work better. And that's how food fights are started.

Eat your smut! The Associated Press shares a report from Food Chemistry that huitlacoche - a fungus also called corn smut that naturally occurs on corn and is a delicacy in Mexico -- has health benefits far beyond unfungused corn. "Who cares about the nutritional value? The flavors are amazing!" said Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo Beans.