Food News of the Weird: Barbecue Kangaroo Potato Chips; Sir Mix-a-Lot Shills for (Big) Butterfingers


Probably tastes better than prawn cocktail. - IMAGE VIA
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  • Probably tastes better than prawn cocktail.
Here is a water-cooler debate for the beginning of your work week: Which is stranger, the new World Cup campaign from Walkers, the British potato crisp (chips, to us Yanks) company, or the new ad campaign from Butterfinger featuring Sir Mix-a-Lot, Erik Estrada and Lou Ferrigno?

To celebrate the World Cup, Walkers has introduced fifteen country-specific flavors. For those of you who have never experienced the glories of the British potato crisp -- which can be found in such flavors as prawn cocktail and roast beef -- these flavors might seem odd, if not disgusting. For those of you who know and love British potato crisps, these flavors...might seem odd, if not disgusting.

Flavors include "Australian BBQ Kangaroo," "German Bratwurst Sausage," "Irish Stew," and, yes, "Scottish Haggis."

There is also "Welsh Rarebit," which I think is a brilliant crisp/chip flavor and should be available worldwide all the time.

And then there is Sir Mix-a-Lot.

The Butterfinger ad, playing off Sir Mix-a-Lot's well-known love of large rear-ends, is apparently part of a viral ad campaign. There's nothing really objectionable, but I'll add the NSFW warning, just in case.