The Morning Brew: 4.21



Foot-and-mouth disease is back. Three cows were found with the condition's mouth sores, so Japan has banned the export of beef for three months, according to Forbes. It's the first case of foot-and-mouth reported in Japan in ten years.

Jack in the Box has introduced self-service kiosks. Slashfood reports that the kiosks don't save the company any money. Most people opt to order via employee. But the kiosks? They're really cool.

In more fast food goofiness, Burger King is test marketing brunch in some markets. Burger Business reports that the main difference between BK's brunch and breakfast is the name. There are a few menu additions, like a breakfast sandwich on fancy ciabatta bread and a "Mimosa" of orange juice and Sprite. And you can get a Whopper for breakfast. Finally.