Chef's Choice Recipe: Mark Sanfilippo's Salsiccia con 'Scarole



This is part three of Robin Wheeler's Chef's Choice interview with chef Mark Sanfilippo of Salume Beddu; part one is available here; part two is here.

  • Robin Wheeler

"The St. Louis I lived in ten years ago would not have been receptive to guanciale," Mark Sanfilippo says of the traditional unsmoked Roman bacon. "I don't know. Maybe they would. Now people are more educated. People want more. They realize there's something better out there if they can find it."

They must indeed realize that, because for the second week in a row Chef's Choice Recipe features the earthy bass note of guanciale anchoring the dish. Sanfilippo's salsiccia con 'scarole gets a hit of smoky spice from Salume Beddu's fiama salsiccia, the springtime nip of wilted green escarole flecked with slivers of garlic, and the hearty warmth of the guanciale. Place in a big bowl and serve family-style with red wine for a meal that begs for lingering conversation.

  • Robin Wheeler

Salsiccia con 'Scarole Serves 4

4 Salume Beddu fiama salsiccia olive oil 1 package Salume Beddu guanciale, sliced 2 head escarole, chopped 2 cloves garlic, sliced

1. Place salsiccia in a large pan and cover with water. Simmer until cooked through. Set aside the salsiccia, drain water from pan and return pan to heat.

2. Add olive oil and guanciale. Sauté until the meat renders, then add garlic, escarole and more olive oil. Sauté until escarole wilts.

3. Push escarole to the side of the pan. Place salsiccia in the pan and brown.

4. Remove escarole and browned salsiccia to a large platter. Serve family-style.