Modai Sushi Lounge Closed?


  • Ian Froeb
Has Modai Sushi Lounge served its last Godzilla roll? It sure looks that way. A sign in the front entrance of the restaurant at 6100 Delmar Boulevard claims that it has closed for remodeling and will reopen in late April. However, as you can likely see in the picture above, that reopening date has already been shifted from late March.

More tellingly, there is a sign advertising the space for lease in another front window, and the restaurant's phone number (314-725-8330) has been disconnected. On the other hand, the liquor bottles remain arranged above the bar. Note to would-be restaurant-scene reporters: A bar with the bottles cleared out is a sure sign that the joint is closed.

I'll keep an eye on that supposed reopening date. More as I learn it.