The Morning Brew: 4.5



After pressure from consumers and activist groups, Trader Joe's opts to sell only sustainable seafood. The new policy will be fully in effect by the end of 2012. The Washington Post reports that Casson Trenor, senior markets campaigner for Greenpeace, said. "What we're seeing here is the transformation of what was the U.S. seafood industry's worst nationwide laggard into a company that will likely become an industry leader within the next year or two."

Grocery stores and restaurants are often reluctant to donate food to food banks because of potential liability, despite laws that protect companies who donate. The Contra Costa Times says that in California an estimated six million tons of edible food is thrown out annually.

A Sugary Night: High school humanities teacher realizes dream of making a giant re-creation of a masterpiece. Students in Doyle Geddes' Utah high school classes made a 72-foot by 90-foot rendition of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" from two tons of breakfast cereal according to the Logan, Utah Herald-Journal.