Guess Where I'm Eating These Opening Day Wings [Updated 3x with Clues Answer]


  • Ian Froeb
In honor of Opening Day, I sat down with these hot wings to watch the first few innings of the Cardinals vs. the Reds. How do these wings honor Opening Day? Well, that might be your first clue to where I'm eating them.

Guesses as comments.

Clue #1: (Tue., 4.6, 9:13 a.m.) At Busch Stadium, these wings would have been brought to me.

Clue #2: (Tue., 4.6, 4:20 p.m.) No spots for Bob Uecker here.

Answer: (Thu., 4.8, 11:15 a.m.) Well, if the Uecker clue doesn't give it away, you guys will never get it. These wings are from dead chickens, yes, but also from Weber's Front Row in Webster Groves.