The Morning Brew: 3.30




The morning brew's a little sluggish this morning -- but hey, it's still morning!

Why's everyone hatin' on canned and frozen vegetables? Slate's Daniel Engber takes foodies to the woodshed. "I know it sounds weird," Engber writes. "A crisp salad of watercress and red onions must be more wholesome than, say, a pile of defrosted spinach and some canned beets, right? Not according to any practical measure of nutritive content."

London-born San Francisco food activist mistaken for the Messiah. No, really! Yes, The Colbert Report is involved, but this is for realz! The UK Guardian has the scoop.

All the rage in Asia: extreme dieting. So sayeth USA Today. "'The magic number is to be below 100 pounds, no matter your height or your weight,' says Philippa Yu, a clinical psychologist at the Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association."

Did you know that the "signature dish" of Springfield, Illinois, is the horseshoe sandwich, an open-face pile of meat topped with French fries and a thick cheese sauce? But wait, there's more! According to the Wall Street Journal, a Springfield restaurant has gone the horseshoe one better, subbing a tortilla for the bread and then deep-frying the sucker before smothering it in all that cheese. "We made something very unhealthy even unhealthier," Field House Pizza and Pub co-owner Tom Hart tells WSJ reporter Joe Barrett.