#94: Onion Soup at Brasserie by Niche


  • Jennifer Silverberg
In restaurants, unlike in literature, great execution trumps cliché. Consider the onion soup: It appears ordinary, with its thick blanket of melted Gruyère spilling over the edges of its crock. Break through the cheese and you'll find onion cooked to the point of maximum depth and sweetness, but not (as so often happens) pushed so far as to taste burnt.

The texture is uncommonly rich, almost silken. Hands down the best onion soup I've eaten in St. Louis.

(from "Honest to Goodness," February 4, 2010)

Brasserie by Niche
4580 Laclede Avenue

I'm counting down -- in no particular order -- 100 of my favorite dishes in St. Louis. Some are well-known, others obscure. Some are expensive, others dirt cheap. All of them, I guarantee, are delicious. Please do not hesitate to share your own favorites via the comments thread.


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