The Morning Brew: 3.16




​Beer laws and typos lead to police raids and a lot of fine craft beers going down the tubes in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania laws, instilled when Prohibition ended, dictate that beer manufacturers register with the state before selling beer in the state. Misspelling or abbreviating a beer's name from the one registered can lead to a lot of red tape. (Associated Press)

Federal agents charge Typhoon, a Los Angeles sushi restaurant, for serving whale meat. Even though whale is legally consumed in other countries, it's illegal in the U.S. because of its status as an endangered species. Team members from Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove started the investigation. (

There's a goat shortage! As demand for the meat grows from immigrant populations, U.S. producers can't keep up. Missouri ranks eighth in goat production, and currently has 84,600 meat goats. (Kansas City Star