The Ten Best Names of Traditional Irish Dishes


10. Colcannon

Mashed potatoes, kale, scallions: This is a hearty dish with a name that just rolls off the tongue.

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9. Farl

Sounds like the name of your sad bachelor uncle or maybe what your body does after you eat too much colcannon. In fact, it's just potato or soda bread.

8. Goody

A traditional dessert of bread boiled in milk. Not complicated, just simple and, well, good...y.

7. Barmbrack

From the Gaelic for "speckled loaf," barmbrack (pictured above) is bread studded with raisins.

6. Dublin Coddle
Not what you to do to the lovely barmaid in the alley behind the pub after a few too many pints of Guinness. Instead, a sort of stew of sausage and bacon with potatoes and onion.

5. Dulse & Yellowman

Besides being the best name for a buddy-cop TV show that never was, Dulse & Yellowman is a dessert -- I think -- of seaweed and toffee.

Boxty wrapped around beef. - IMAGE VIA
4. Boxty

No deep analysis here. Boxty is just more fun to say than "potato pancake."

3. Skirts and Kidneys

Deceptively simple, almost winsome, the name of this Cork stew charms you into forgetting that you are, in fact, about to eat the organ that helps a pig pee.

2. Dublin Lawyer

Lobster cooked in butter and Irish whiskey. Draw your own conclusion about the connection between the ingredients (perhaps one in particular) and the name.

1. Champ

I mean, it's called champ. Of course, it's #1.  Oh, it's mashed potatoes with scallions.