Guess Where I'm Eating This Sandwich [Updated with Clues Answer]


We've had subs on the brain this past week, so it's only fitting that today's Guess Where is a sub sandwich. That's the only clue you get here at the outset -- aside from the fact that, no, it's not from Blimpie.

  • Ian Froeb
Guesses as comments. Clues if you don't know.

Clue #1: (Friday, 3.5, 4:47 p.m.) The restaurant where I'm eating this sandwich is not located in St. Louis City or County.

Clue #2: (Saturday, 3.6, 10:10 a.m.) Though this is a sub and is described as such on the restaurant's menu, you certainly wouldn't call this place a sub shop.

Clue #3: (Monday, 3.8, 1:25 p.m.) This is a tough one, eh? Here's another clue: 55 - 255 - 69.

Final Update: (Tuesday, 3.9, 3.50 p.m.) Stumped? It's Bigelo's Bistro in Edwardsville.