The Morning Brew: 3.5




Today's recall: foods with hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Produced at a Las Vegas factory by Basic Food Flavors, the flavor enhancing additive contained salmonella. HVP is used in products like T. Marzetti's Southwest Ranch Veggie Dip, Reser's deli salads, and Earth Island Tofu. The list of recalled brands is expected to grow. (The New York Times,

Cook arrested for putting hair in cop's bagel. (Village Voice)

Mable Hoffman, the maven of Crock-Pot cooking, recently died. She was 88. A home economist, Hoffman wrote "Crockery Cookery", which knocked "The Joy of Sex" out of the best-seller spot in 1976. (Wall Street Journal)

Because 24 ounces of iced coffee, milk, and sugar isn't quite enough: Starbucks tests a 31-ounce size for iced drinks. They've named it Trenta, which is Italian for 30 and proof that they're not just making up new words. (Business Week)