It's Official: We've Launched Our Free "Happy Hours" Smart Phone App!



RFT and Village Voice Media today are rolling out our "Happy Hours" smart phone application for the iPhone, Google Android and the mobile web. The free application gives you a street-level guide on happy hours and full restaurant guides -- not just in St. Louis but to more than 15,000 happy hours and establishments in more than 30 cities nationwide. (Never drink at the hotel bar again!)


Download from iTunes. On your phone, make sure you search for "Happy Hours" with an "s" at the end. The app icon is a line drawing of a martini glass against an orange background.

Tip: After downloading the app, shake your iPhone for a randomized place to drink. You can then vote it up ("I Like It!") or bury it ("Eh.")

Below is a video tour of the app. Tired of the Yelp controversy? We promise our app is alleged-extortion-free!

TechCrunch has a leaked report about the app rollout as well.