Guess Where I'm Drinking This Margarita [Updated -- Already -- with Answer!]


As I mentioned in today's post about National Pancake Day at IHOP, yesterday was, in fact, National Margarita Day. I couldn't let the holiday pass without partaking in a (belated) celebration of some sort, even if I had to sit alone at the bar like the functioning alcoholic I am*, watching Rome Is Burning with (thank God) the sound muted.

  • Ian Froeb
You know the drill. Guesses in comments. Hints forthcoming if one of the usual suspects doesn't get it right soon.

* - Just kidding, Mom.

Update: (Tuesday, 2.22, 5:50 p.m.) Well, crap. Reader Kenneth correctly guessed that this large bowl of pre-mixed meh came from Mi Ranchito. I gotta make these things more difficult.