Guess Where I'm Eating This Pizza [Updated with Answer!]


I'd like to include some colorful detail to accompany this edition of Guess Where I'm Eating, but I was distracted by ESPNews, which managed to repeat the Tiger Woods mea culpa in its entirety three times over the course of my lunch. Thankfully, the sound was muted.

  • Ian Froeb
Where am I eating this pizza? It's a ten-inch pie, by the way, with pepperoni and jalapeño. You know the drill. Leave your guess as a comments. Hints if no one guesses correctly after a while.

Update: (Monday, February 22, 9:50 a.m.) Sorry for the delayed update, but commenter Davbak was the first to guess correctly that this pizza was served at Frank & Helen's Pizzeria (8111 Olive Boulevard; 314-997-0666).