Gawker Steals Haiku Idea from Lowly St. Louis Food Blog?


Now, look: I don't ask for much in this world. A crab cake that's more crab than filler. A pizza cheese that doesn't have the consistency of allergy snot. And credit for writing news in the form of haiku.

A few weeks ago, I reported a series of food news items in the form of haiku. Today I saw that Gawker was launching a "News Haiku" beta.

Motherfuckers, I'm the beta.

Do I think too highly of myself, believing that a mega-media site like Gawker is even aware of the existence of a lowly St. Louis food blog -- let alone is nefarious enough to steal from it? Perhaps. But since I have (approximately) one good idea per decade, I'm pretty steamed that my one good idea till 2020 will now be known as Gawker's News Haiku.

A poem to express my frustration:

If the meter fits,
You are guilty plagiarists.
Suck it, Nick Denton.