Guess Where I'm Eating This Barbecue Pulled Pork and Chicken [Updated with Answer!]


OK. It's a trick question because I'm eating this at my desk here at Gut Check International Headquarters. But from where does this pulled pork and chicken barbecue hail? And where is the cornbread I ordered?

  • Ian Froeb
Leave your guesses in the comments. Hints forthcoming if no one guesses correctly.

And, seriously, where's my cornbread?

Updated with answer after the jump!

Update: (Tuesday, February 9, 4:43 P.M.) Reader Jason Lilly correctly identified the barbecue in question as Ms. Piggies Smokehouse (10612 Page Avenue, Overland; 314-428-7776). I should probably try these meats dry before I render a verdict. The sauce was on the sweet side, with a mild heat, but so thoroughly mixed in with both the pork and the chicken that I couldn't detect any hint of smoke.

The beans were blah. And, damn it, I wanted cornbread, not yams.