Review Preview: Brasserie by Niche


This week, I visit Brasserie by Niche (4580 Laclede Avenue; website), the latest restaurant from acclaimed chef Gerard Craft.

Brasserie by Niche's onion soup - JENNIFER SILVERBERG
  • Jennifer Silverberg
  • Brasserie by Niche's onion soup
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For his next trick, Gerard Craft will reinvent French cuisine in St. Louis.

I overstate, though this should be understandable. Over the past five years, first at his flagship restaurant, Niche, and then at Niche's small but mighty offshoot Taste by Niche, Craft has become the most celebrated St. Louis chef -- a Food & Wine magazine "Best New Chef," a James Beard Foundation "Best Chef-Midwest" award nominee -- the vanguard of a new generation committed to the chef- and ingredient-driven restaurant. His success is the result of, if not magic, then a sort of alchemy: He possesses the ideal blend of talent, imagination, determination, ambition and, frankly, cojones.
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