It's National Chocolate Cake Day, Tell Your Local Baker Because They Probably are Unaware


What do you wash your chocolate cake down with? - IMAGE VIA
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  • What do you wash your chocolate cake down with?
Did you know today is National Chocolate Cake Day? No? You're not alone.

Every local baker we contacted was oblivious to the existence of this "food holiday." But exist it does. After looking around online, however, the origin of this day is still a mystery to us as well. Even the experts are stumped.

Even with its dubious history and lack of prominence, National Chocolate Cake Day deserves at least a little attention.

Feast your eyes on these photos:

From @SamanthaRonson's Twitter: When a sugar rush just isn't enough any more.

Chocolate delight with a nutty finish.

Cat, meet Cake
The perfect way to celebrate that boob job you've always wanted.

Now, this is how National Chocolate Cake Day should be celebrated.

Mmm. Car made of chocolate.

Somehow this person has managed to make a chocolate cake that doesn't look tasty. But instead like a big pile of chocolate icing. On second thought, it still looks good.