2009 in Review: March


The world as Gut Check knew it ended in March when we launched our Twitter account. Really, things have never been the same around these parts. The rest of the month after the jump.


The Corn Refiners Association takes exception to my love of Mexican Coca-Cola. Or something....La Dolce Via reopens after a brief hiatus....Niche's Gerard Craft appears in Food & Wine magazine....Bevo Mill closes....Niche's Craft is the first St. Louis chef named a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Awards....Kristen Hinman of the Riverfront Times is also named a finalist for her article, "The Pope of Pork."...George Clooney has dinner at Niche.


What does hemp-oil salad dressing taste like?...We suggest restaurants for George Clooney to visit while he filmed Up in the Air in town....A statistical breakdown of the suspiciously high number of positive comments about the Map Room....Hardee's Western Thickburger sends Padma Lakshmi into orgasmic reveries. Us? Not so much....The Tilted Kilt and the headless woman.


A new column on group dining, A Table for How Many?, debuts....The Dive Bomber and the Bottle Rockets both love Slo-Tom's....The Sneak explains her Code of Ethics....Java Enabled reports on the Crop to Cup initiative....Throwback of the House learns that Friday Franks make the baby Jesus cry....The Noble Writ hates on scoring wine by points.


The Bleeding Deacon
Mattingly Brewing Company
Thai Sawadee