The Top Ten Dishes of 2009 #5: Beef-Brisket Sandwich at Winslow's Home



The brisket, from local butcher Baumann's Fine Meats, is roasted overnight and served with mayo and Havarti cheese on toasted flaxseed bread. It's damn tasty. The brisket is thickly sliced and piled high. The meat is tender -- always a crucial variable with brisket -- and dripping with a distinctive basting mixture. I tasted a little mustard and something like a teriyaki sauce. Mostly I tasted beef so fully flavored that I happily would have eaten a pile of brisket all by itself.

-- "Winslow's Home Run," May 21, 2009

Winslow's Home
7213 Delmar Boulevard, University City
314-725-7559; website