The Top Ten Dishes of 2009 #8: Neapolitan Pizza at the Good Pie



The key to any Neapolitan pizza is the quality of its crust, and at its best, the Good Pie's is very good: Crisp on the bottom, and even dotted here and there with char, but with an ever-so-tender chew and a pleasant, mild sour note. Pork gluttons might consider the "Mast'nicola," which includes a generous amount of chopped pancetta along with grated Pecorino Romano and a few fresh basil leaves. For those craving something more traditional, a classic pizza margherita is available, while a pie with thinly sliced Genoa salami is a tastier sibling of a good ol'-fashioned pepperoni pizza.

-- "Crust Achin'," February 19, 2009

The Good Pie

3137 Olive Street
314-289-9391; website