List of Hot Cocktail Trends Is a Good Excuse to Post This Video


So Bombay Sapphire has surveyed "1,000 bartenders from 40 states" (according to the press release it sent out) to determine the top ten "hottest trends in mixology."

The list includes both the expected (variations on classic cocktails) and, well, the unexpected -- such as hot trend #4. What is hot trend #4? Find out the answer (and the rest of the top ten) after the jump. But first, this clip to give you a clue...

The Hottest Trends in Mixology, per Bombay Sapphire:

1. Vegetables
2. Vinegar
3. Variations on classic cocktails
4. Shrubbery
5. Warm drinks
6. Punch
7. Asian spirits
8. High end mixers
9. Great garnishes
10. Chunks of ice