The Best of St. Louis 2009 - The Hangover: Best Pie No Longer Open


The Riverfront Times Best of St. Louis is a complex operation, involving dozens of writers, editors, fact-checkers and proofreaders. Unfortunately, every year something falls through the cracks, and it looks like 2009 is no different: Carolyn's a Matter of Taste, which we awarded Best Pie, appears to have closed. Two readers, including longtime Gut Check commenter Jimmy Z, have noted that the storefront is empty and for lease. In addition, the phone number has been disconnected. (The website is still active.)

Update: The storefront is closed, but the disconnected number I dialed turned out to be the fax, not the main line. My apologies for the error.

Apologies to anyone who ventured out to Carolyn's this week on our say-so.