FoodWire: Notes from Our Friends on Chouteau's, the Wedge


A couple of interesting news items from my counterparts here in the St. Louis foodosphere:

First up, George Mahe reports at Feast that Chouteau's at 39th, which took over the fabled space at 3800 Chouteau Avenue formerly occupied by King Louie's and Revival, is closing after lunch today.

I ate at Chouteau's only once, so I can't offer a fully formed opinion on the food -- though, as a concept, the value-driven menu was less than inspiring -- but the space was grim. The dining room was closed off, and the bar area on my lunch visit was dim and unswept. Really, it felt like the restaurant was squatting: Pint glasses and the leather check envelopes both still had the Revival logo.

Meanwhile, Joe Bonwich passes along word that the Wedge has reopened under new ownership at 442 Bates Street in Carondelet.