Review Preview: Ice Kitchen


This week I visit Ice Kitchen, a "fusion tapas" restaurant at Westport Plaza:
"So you're familiar with tapas?"

I don't fault the server for asking the question. On two previous visits to Ice Kitchen, two different servers had made the same inquiry. They were just following orders, I'm sure. Yes, I'm familiar with tapas. You're familiar with tapas. All of us in St. Louis, in this unexpectedly lovely late summer of 2009, are familiar with tapas.
Or, rather, we know tapas in its debased form: not the Spanish social ritual of enjoying drinks and tasty morsels in a succession of tapas bars -- both literally and figuratively a series of appetizers for the night's meal -- but a smörgåsbord of small dishes eaten over the course of one visit to a single restaurant.
Check the RFT restaurant page later today to see what I think.