FoodWire: Señor Pop's Now Bangers [Updated! With Dancing Girls!]


From the That Didn't Last Long, Did It? files: the Puerto Rican restaurant Señor Pop's (4101 South Grand Boulevard), which opened late last year and which I reviewed last month, is now a bar called Bangers.

I don't know much more about Bangers except that its windows appear to be painted -- or covered with something -- blue. The former number for Señor Pop's (314-351-2900) rings and rings without voice mail, so no help there.

Update at 4 p.m.: A colleague pointed out that this week's dead-tree edition of the paper has an ad for Bangers. The ad describes Bangers as -- and this is a quote, folks -- a "home of lousy food, warm beer, and hot women. And you know you'll be back for more."

The ad also mentions that Bangers features "wild girls dancing on the bar" and "special bike parking."