FoodWire: Creve Coeur Indian Restaurant Ruchi Now Mayuri


A few weeks ago, I noticed an ad in the dead-tree Riverfront Times for a new Indian restaurant called Mayuri. I filed the name away for future exploration.

Today, I decided to have lunch at the Indian restaurant Ruchi, which I reviewed in 2007 and which the RFT named Best Indian Restaurant last year. But when I arrived at Ruchi's Creve Coeur address (12513 Olive Boulevard), I saw that Ruchi had become Mayuri.

Which, if nothing else, proves that when I file away a restaurant name, I should file away its address, too.

At any rate, the new name does reflect new ownership, in this case from the team behind two other Mayuri restaurants, one located in Dallas, the other in Houston. The menu in the window appears to be similar to Ruchi's, though I decided not to eat there until I learned more about the transition.