Introducing Fight Club Sandwich, Gut Check's Audience-Participation Food Battle


OK, folks, here's the deal: Beginning this week, Gut Check will be holding battles pitting the same dish at two restaurants against each other. I, your intrepid gastronaut, will eat the dish at both joints, evaluate the competitors and declare a winner. The winner will receive a shiny platinum plaque the thrill of victory.

"Wait, Ian. The headline clearly states, 'Audience-Participation.' This sounds like the same reviewing crap that you always do. What gives?"

What gives is that you, dear readers, will get to choose each week's competitors. I'll declare a topic and then open the floor -- i.e., the comments thread and Gut Check's Twitter feed) -- to your suggestions. Once I have a workable list of possibilities drawn from your and my own ideas, I'll put together a poll so that you can determine which two restaurants I should visit.

We'll begin with something straightforward: Burgers. Where do you want to see me eat a burger?  The only limit is your imagination. Be creative. Be cruel. I'm at the mercy of your whims.

Again: Leave your suggestions in the comments or as a Tweet to @gutcheckstl.