Dennis Skillicorn's Last Meal Before He Was Put to Death



Conspicuously absent ifrom the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's account of Dennis Skillicorn's execution by lethal injection was what the killer chose for his final meal.

The Daily RFT has learned that Skillicorn dined alone in his cell, devouring a double-bacon cheeseburger and potato chips that was delivered from the Crossroads Restaurant & Lounge near the Bonne Terre prison, where Skillicorn met his maker at 12:30 this morning. The 49-year-old murderer did not have anything for dessert.

Vickie Green, a cook at the Crossroads, said her restaurant has been "selected several times" by prison officials when ordering up last suppers for its doomed inmates.

"I think it's because we got the best food in the county," said Greene. " We were honored to be the place they chose."