The Dish: Fried Chicken at OB Clark's


  • Ian Froeb
Fried chicken is the Thursday special at the popular Brentwood sports bar OB Clark's (1921 South Brentwood Boulevard). Fried chicken is one of my many weaknesses, so I stopped in today to try it.

You want to talk about recession-friendly dining? OB Clark's fried-chicken special gives you three fat pieces of chicken -- plus a scoop of mashed potatoes and some corn niblets -- for under $8. If you aren't a glutton like yours truly, you can make two meals out of this, easy.

How does OB Clark's chicken stack up? The batter is very thick -- too thick for my taste. It was tough to make a bite that had batter and chicken in equal measure. The meat was moist without being too greasy; the leg meat was especially tasty. I wouldn't put it on par with my favorite fried chicken, Porter's, which reaches that perfect balance of crisp batter, juicy meat and seasoning, but OB Clark's was satisfying.