Bacon Explosion Guys Score Six-Figure Book Deal, Cholesterol Level


  • Wikimedia Commons
Stunning news from the struggling publishing industry, via Eat Me Daily: Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, who run the Web site BBQ Addicts, signed a six-figure book deal with Scribner. Day and Chronister were responsible for popularizing -- though not necessarily creating -- the Bacon Explosion, a gut-busting dish that involves rolling sausage and cooked bacon inside a lattice of raw bacon. Even more remarkably, according to the Pitch, our sister paper in Kansas City, the cookbook won't even feature the dish that made them an Internet sensation. Owen Morris nabbed this quote from Chronister:
"Everybody knows that one. We want to share our own unique recipes... we're still putting them together and deciding what to do."
But I don't think anyone has summed this up better than another Pitch writer, Peter Rugg:
Again, that's more money than most of us make in years of work to make America's asses even fatter.