A-Rod Should Have Blamed the Chicken


A colleague passed along a blog entry from Gourmet, via the baseball blog Walkoff Walk. In it, author Barry Estabrook notes that there could be another explanation for a positive steroid test:
Gourmet's James Rodewald, who worked for Sports Illustrated before finding his true calling as a spirits editor (I'll leave it to you to determine what that has to do with his knowledge of performance-altering substances), brought my attention to a study conducted by researchers at Kings College London. The British scientists analyzed urine from eight men who had eaten chicken injected with the drug and found that half the subjects tested positive for methenolone 24 hours after dining. "Hence, eating meat containing small amounts of injected hormone may constitute a serious liability to the athlete," concluded the scientists.
If nothing else, I expect many more ballplayers will shop organic.