FoodWire: The Shaved Duck Has Reopened


The Shaved Duck has reopened at 2900 Virginia Avenue in Tower Grove East. The restaurant opened last year to positive reviews. It closed for an economy-inspired retooling at the beginning of this year. Ally Nisbet remains the owner, but original chefs Brendan Noonan and Wes Johnson have left. (Noonan and Johnson reportedly will be opening a new venture in the Central West End.)

You can check out the Shaved Duck's new menu on the restaurant's Web site. Highlights include chili made from the bhut jolokia chile, which boasts a remarkable 1 million Scoville units -- 40 times hotter than a jalapeño -- as well as flatbreads and plenty of barbecue.

There are holdovers from the original menu, including duck confit and (a personal favorite) the duck-fat frites. The beer list, our 2008 selection for Best Beer Selection in a Restaurant, also remains.

For more information, call 314-776-1407.