Cheesesteak Quest Update


I've received several comments on Friday's review of the cheesesteak at East Coast Pizza in Chesterfield. A few readers have offered excellent suggestions for where else to find a good cheesesteak in St. Louis. How do I know their suggestions are excellent? Because Cheesesteak Quest has already visited both Penn Station and 9th Street Deli!

In fact, in 2008, the RFT honored 9th Street Deli with the award for Best Cheesesteak. (That's co-owner Mike Risk pictured to the above right.) However, because I wrote about 9th Street Deli's cheesesteak in a formal review rather than a blog post, I never awarded it a Cheez Whiz rating. So on the official Cheesesteak Quest Scale, in which 0 is a tuna-salad sandwich and 5 is the Platonic ideal of a cheesesteak, I rate 9th Street Deli's a 4:


Check out the current Cheesesteak Quest standings after the jump...

Cheesesteak Quest Standings as of 1.12.09

1. 9th Street Deli - 4 Whiz

2. (Tie) Penn Station and East Coast Pizza - 3.5 Whiz

3. (Tie) Jersey Mike's and Natural Fact Deli* - 3 Whiz

4. Lenny's Sub Shop - 2.5 Whiz

5. Sonic - 1 Whiz

* - Natural Fact Deli is now closed.

Photo: Jennifer Silverberg