Review Preview: Triumph Grill



This week I check out Triumph Grill, the snazzy new restaurant attached to the Moto Museum.

The motorcycle is an American icon, loud and brash, its rider the archetypal loner gleefully embracing danger. James Dean with his leather jacket and cigarette. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on their doomed existential road trip. Leather-clad weekend warriors shopping for Harley-Davidson merch. X Games daredevils coaxing yet greater speeds from sleek Japanese bikes.

Whatever image the motorcycle conjures, it likely isn't food. Certainly not a sit-down restaurant where the host asks whether you have a reservation. A roadhouse where the food is merely a cushion for the next shot of whiskey seems about right.

Enter Triumph Grill.

Check back tomorrow to see what I think.

- Ian Froeb