The Dish: A Green-Chile Cheeseburger at Buffalo Brewing Co. -- or, A Christmas Wish Come True




Among my Christmas wishes for the St. Louis restaurant scene was a simple request: a good green-chile cheeseburger. I couldn't think of a single local spot where I could enjoy this essential (and not especially exotic) food.

I figured someone -- most likely an annoyed owner or chef -- would tell me where to go. Instead, I found a green-chile cheeseburger, on my own and entirely by chance, at Buffalo Brewing Co., the brewpub at 3100 Olive Street in Midtown.

Was it everything I'd dreamed of? Find out after the jump...
I left my camera at home, so I don't have a picture of the burger. That's a shame, because the patty itself was a perfect disc, both the shape and thickness unvarying -- especially remarkable because, according to the menu, it's made with freshly ground beef, so the patty is presumably formed by hand.

At any rate, though the burger's shape was aesthetically pleasing, the outside was only lightly charred, so it lacked the pleasure of increasingly tender texture from its outside into the center. Also, the meat seemed generously salted. The cheese was cheddar; the chiles were pale green and coarsely chopped. While they resembled the insipid canned green chiles from Old El Paso, they had a gradually building bite.

This is a decent burger. Not great, but satisfying. The green chiles are the highlight, which is, I suppose, how it should be.

- Ian Froeb

Photo: David Monniaux, from