The Top Ten Dishes of 2008 - #3: Foie Gras at Araka




The foie gras' buttery richness and silky texture, here given a mild crunch by a pistachio crust, are paramount. Black-pepper honey provides both the sweet note you often want with foie gras as well as mild heat. Juicy grapefruit brightens the dish and provides a textural counterpoint, bursting in your mouth while the foie gras seems to melt. Now, I like foie gras -- a lot -- but only as an occasional indulgence. I never crave it. Yet in the days following my meal at Araka, that's exactly what happened: I craved foie gras.

"Just Ducky" (January 10, 2008)

131 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton

- Ian Froeb