Updated: Barack Obama Likes Pie -- And Pizza from Pi



Barack Obama's speech Saturday under the Gateway Arch included a humorous anecdote about the senator and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland stopping for a slice of pie. "Some people like cake," Obama deadpanned. "I like pie."

(For the record, Obama's favorite kind of pie is sweet-potato. Second is pecan pie.)

Turns out Obama also had a chance to sample pizza from Pi, the Delmar Loop pizzeria. And a trusted source tells me the Democratic candidate for president liked it...a lot.

DEVELOPING HARD, as Drudge likes to say. More to come soon!

UPDATE @ 3:30 p.m.:

I just spoke with owner Chris Sommers, who confirms that Barack Obama really, really liked the pizzas Pi sent over. (For Pi fans who are wondering, they sent the Bucktown, the Berkeley, the North Beach Classico, the Lincoln Park and the East Loop.)

The campaign sent a driver to pick up the pizzas. Later, Obama's assistant called Sommers and asked him to hold. Then Obama himself took the phone and told Sommers how much he'd enjoyed the food.

"He was very gracious," says Sommers. "I was more impressed by the character of the guy to take the time to call."

Sommers did point out to Obama the irony of the Chicago-based senator praising Chicago-style deep-dish pizza from St. Louis.

Lest you think that Obama was merely going through the politician's motions, Peachy Myers, the Missouri Field Director for the Obama-Biden campaign, called Sommers later to inform him that, as Sommers relates it, Obama "wouldn't shut up about my pizza."

- Ian Froeb